How AIRBNB is helping me pay my MBA studies.

My apartment with AIRBNB

AirBNB is a platform in which you can list your property and check if someone wants to rent it for a short period of time. It is like torrent for P2P transfer but with something more real.This is what make it easy to get some extra income when you are not using it or you just have an extra place that you can get money from.

Most of the people don’t go out of their comfort zones because everything that it implies. For me was a tough decision to come abroad to study an MBA after being working for several years, had my house, my family, my friends, my car and everything that makes your life more comfortable after a while. Don’t forget to consider that studying abroad have other costs also, the MBA itself, the hosting, the food, and others while you are not going to be working.

Airbnb helped me with a pair of the concerns that I had; what to do with my home and how to pay my host and some of my expenses in the host country.

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