Dell XPS Developer Edition Ubuntu Dash Super Key

Has been some years since Dell included Ubuntu in some of their laptops and I always wanted to try one of them. Now I sold my gamer’s laptop seems like the perfect opportunity to do it.

A couple of days I got my  New Dell XPS Developer Edition with Ubuntu 16.04, and it works perfectly, the only thing that was bothering me is that the shortcut for Dash in Unity was not working.

This post is about how to fix the dash and other shortcuts using the super key in Dell laptops that comes with Ubuntu.

At the beginning I thought that I had my keyboard layout not correctly configurated, but after trying all of them I gave up on this idea.

After some Google days, I realized that I was not alone in my search on what was happening and that the issue was not the keyboard, was a Dell application installed by default in my system; “Dell-Super-Key.”

I still don’t know what was supposed to do this piece of software, but I just know that was generating me a performance issue with my new laptop.

The following instructions are from a post on Dell Community Forum.

Getting rid of Dell’s Application.

Knowing what is the error make it easy to solve it, we just need to uninstall the buggy package.

sudo apt-get remove dell-super-key


Once that we do, we just need to setup the Super Key to lunch the the Dash Menu.


Setting up Super Key

Before continuing we just need to install Compiz Settings Manager.

$ sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager


With this application installed, we can set up our Super Key again to work as supposed.

After launching the application we search for the Unity settings.

  1. We open the Unity configuration.
  2. We go to Launcher. Unity Settings
  3. And we set up the key as the one to show dash.Set Up Dash Launcher.

That should be enough. Enjoy !


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