Five Months After

( Original note / Nota Original )

It has being almost 5 month since I came to Romania only for two. I had an awesome experience, friends, family and lots of life achievements.

Some of them are very childy, others no;

  1. Go to Dracula’s Castle.
  2. Hear “Wind of Change” in the Gorky park in Moscow.
  3. Visit some friends that I did not expect to see so soon as Patrick in Austria.
  4. Go to some of the biggest museums and attractions in the world.
  5. Live in an other country.
  6. “Live” different cultures.
  7. Have an impact in an other society.
  8. Be one of the trainers in a conference with more than 25+ countries.
  9. Share my experience with a whole new generation of trainers.
  10. And much more!

Now the conference is over, and I can not stop thinking that I will no be part of the next trainings in each one of the cities and that there are so many people that I will miss.

Since I get to Iasi I met awesome friends, then to Bucharest the same.

  1. If I need to explain my experience here, I prefer to split it in 3:
  2. Iasi, Grow Spring.
  3. Bucharest, School of Values.
  4. Predeal, 5TC.

I will never forget any of this experiences. I learned so much with all of this, I feel prepared to achieve anything in my life. Was exactly what I was searching for.

I even have the feeling that I will always have new members in my family, people that in some cases consider as brothers and sisters, and that I can not imagine that is going to happen a long period of time without seeing them again.

Now I am leaving to Chile ( coming back ). A lots of feeling pass through my mind in this moments;

  1. I will miss so many people here that was part of this great experience.
  2. And I feel so proud of the new generation of trainers that is going to be part of Grow in Summer.

Since February all happened so fast, I want to give special thank you to Evelina from Iasi that recruit me, to Armina for giving me the possibility for staying to more month working in School of Values and to Kamila that was the only person that could have enough patience to be working and living 4 month with me.

If I start naming all the people that I am grateful to, I will never finish. You know who you are, you know what was your part in this experience for me, I will always remember all the people and participants form Iasi and all the people form School of Values. You are awesome people doing a great job, feel proud of your self, because I am proud of you.

Trainers, I wish you the best, you are going to have the time of your life, and I know that you are going to do an awesome job.

School of Values people, continue this great project. Together you have all the skills and attitudes needed to achieve all your goals.

Elitsa , Tomasz, Natalia , Kamila, Julita, Brewka and Werwa, Thanks for being my family in Bucharest.

And if you reach until this part, thank to you too for reading this note :).

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