TEDx Maastricht A matter of #Perspectives 2016

TEDx Maastricht

A matter of perspective. For the sake of future of humanity, a number of misconceptions need to be dispelled.

I wanted to start with the quote of this year event, is a good debriefing about all the sessions.

I always wanted to go to a TEDx Event and I am really happy that the first time that I did was in the same country were I am doing my MBA. All about this year for me is about challenges and personal growth, so I also love the idea of hearing about what people around the globe have to say, specially when I am performing my studies in a really diverse environment.

What also was added value to the lectures is having the opportunity to share it with some of my new friends from  Hungary, Lebanon and Peru.

I just want the opportunity to share some of the ideas that crossed my mind during the lectures that are going to stay in my mind for a very long period of time. This could be really far from what the lectures intended for us to understand, so that is why I specify that were my thoughts :).

Some of my thoughts were :

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