TEDx Maastricht A matter of #Perspectives 2016

A matter of perspective. For the sake of future of humanity, a number of misconceptions need to be dispelled.

I wanted to start with the quote of this year event, is a good debriefing about all the sessions.

I always wanted to go to a TEDx Event and I am really happy that the first time that I did was in the same country were I am doing my MBA. All about this year for me is about challenges and personal growth, so I also love the idea of hearing about what people around the globe have to say, specially when I am performing my studies in a really diverse environment.

What also was added value to the lectures is having the opportunity to share it with some of my new friends from  Hungary, Lebanon and Peru.

I just want the opportunity to share some of the ideas that crossed my mind during the lectures that are going to stay in my mind for a very long period of time. This could be really far from what the lectures intended for us to understand, so that is why I specify that were my thoughts :).

Some of my thoughts were :

  1. I really like the idea of seeing global warming as an opportunity of human kind to change the way that we threat our planet. Instead of waiting for someone to do something, we can do it ourselves.
  2. As a person that is living a broad, the idea of having my home or taking my roots wherever I go resulted really appealing and not far from the truth at all.
  3. We heard about the importance of apologizing in a macro-scale using the examples of wars and governments. Even that the focus was the human rights infringements we can make an use of a good apology everyday in our lives.
  4. We learned about how different events or people, not important how small could be for us, could affect the way that we become or grow. I can recall several situations and people that in the moment that they occurred seemed almost meaningless and in reality they helped me becoming the person that I am now. What surprises me is that a lot of people don’t think that they impacted in others life, what is completely wrong specially because it is probable that they will impact mine.
  5. Is incredible how we can buy things that doesn’t even have any REAL value to us. I think that if I really need to buy something, I will do my best to buy something that add value to my life hoping that art will be a very big part of it.
  6. Most of us are really detached of the political system and is very probable that the reason is that we use an outdated system that was not evolving as the society did. I really like the idea of making modular, I am anxious to see if this project will be successful.
  7. It is really incredible the level of technology that we already achieved as human kind. I am really glad that we are using that knowledge to threat illnesses like cancer.
  8. As a professor I value a lot the idea of interacting more with students. I always try to do it and I will continue trying because I really think that the learning process is better that way.
  9. It is really weird how all of us have different perceptions about freedom. Maybe is a good idea that everyone of us starts thinking in what freedom means to us.
  10. In or every day life we are full with numbers and data that are manipulated by the media to try to make us misinformed. Just try to get the information from the data to create your own opinion.
  11. Always have fun doing what you want to do,  you can always reinvent yourself and find what really makes you passionate doesn’t matter your age or actual situation. Be patient and don’t give up !
  12. Always give your best but don’t over think things ! Over-thinking makes you nervous and incapable of reaching your goals. Just be yourself and reach the success that you deserve.
  13. In a world dominated by the media, just don’t believe everything that they say. If you have the opportunity please check the information or facts by yourself.



I also wanted to share some videos that I really like and I think that are important to see and share.

What makes a hero?

What do ordinary people have in common with Harry Potter, Frodo Baggins, Hercules and many of literature’s most interesting heroes? Created for TED-Ed, based on Joseph Campbell’s research, this short film explores the events that make up a hero’s journey.


The Island of all Together

European tourists and Syrian refugees talk with each other on the Greek island Lesvos.
For more information about this project go to: theislandofalltogether.com

Final Thoughts

For me was a really good experience that I hope to repeat really soon. I will try to keep me informed about the lectures and their development.

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