Use your MSM Webmail Account with Google Docs

Google DOCS is a Software as a Service oriented document manager. It can work completely on the cloud without loosing your data.

At the School they gave us a MSM Webmail that does not come with this suite of tools for working together as a team. In general I use google docs at my work and it has been a really useful tool, specially to collaborate among people.

The idea of this post is teach you how to use your MSM Webmail ( or any other mail ) with google docs, even if your email is not from Google.

These are the steps to be working with google docs.

  1. Let’s create a “G” account with our email at will use My own Email Addess
  2. And we select the option that we want to use our own email address.Google Docs With Info
  3. After the success of the sign up process we will get an email to verify our email address. This is the process that does not need to be done if your a gmail user. Just click in the link that you received.Email Change Verification
  4. We will see our new account being created. Now if we just go to we will see our new docs account working.New Google Docs Account
  5. Now we are ready to just create and collaborate with a new document.New Google Docs Document

I hope that this small tutorial works for you and it makes it easier to collaborate between the team for the assignments. It is very probable that you actually use an other set of tools and does not matter while they help you to achieve your goals.


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