WhatsApp Calls throught a VPN

VPN tunneling creates a point-to-point connection between two devices, often the VPN server and your device. Tunneling encapsulates your data and safely transfers it across the Internet.

I don’t know if you notice but from the INTERNET connection on the hotel you can not access some sites or services like whatsapp calls. The reason is because the ports for making this calls are blocked, so this is the reason that we are going to use a VPN.

What is a VPN

There are plenty of free VPN services and we are not going to discuss them. We are going to give just an example on how to do it.

If a free VPN does not work for you, maybe you need to use a paid one. I am using ExpressVPN, and if you want to try it you can use my referral link to have 30 days free : Click Here.

Opera VPN

One of my friends that is staying in the apart hotel is using Opera VPN ( Free! ) and he can use it to call through whatsapp without any issues.

You can get it from the following links  :

With this application you should navigate safely and free with almost all of the applications that you would need. If you want to connect through your desktop / laptop you can do it with the Opera Browser too.


Other Uses

There are plenty of uses for a VPN service like.

  • Stay private
  • View blocked websites from anywhere
  • Encrypt everything
  • Avoid censorship and surveillance

If what you want to do is gaming, movie downloads, or just work through an SSH connection to your servers the most probable thing is that you will need a paid service like ExpressVPN.